Jim Beam - Whiskey Sour
Bourbonites Unite!
This Jim Beam spec advertisement is both the brainchild of Austin Fields and William Eisley. Created for Seattle Minute Movies December screening for "Part," as a collaborative effort to create something fun, professional and short. The creative constraints were to keep it under a minute and use the theme word "part" in our piece.  We came up with short commercial piece showcasing the parts of a whiskey sour.
The Wonderful people and tools that made this happen
Story by Austin Fields & William Eisley
Produced by Total Eclipse Studios
Directed by  William Eisley & Michelle Eisley
Cinematography by William Eisley
Bartender Extraordinaire Austin Fields
Voice Over by Tiffany Gannon 
Location provided by Jai Thai - Capitol Hill, Seattle
Edit by William Eisley
Color by Michelle Eisley 
Location Audio by Andrew McIntyre

CAMERA: Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera
LENSES: Contax Ziess
POST: Adobe After Effects
EDIT: Adobe Premiere